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 Capt. Scott Bryant Biography

A native Texan spending most of my childhood and adult life fishing the Gulf Coast backwaters from Galveston to South Padre Island. My passion for fishing switched from conventional gear to fly allowing me to focus on the sport rather than the limit. While chartering I am always mindful of the service my clients expect while maintaining the highest level safety at all times. These guided trips are geared toward sight casting enthusiasts tactfully delivering flies on unsuspecting shallow water dwellers. Since 2018, my wife and have lived in the heart of New Orleans providing easy access to the vast Mississippi delta of South Louisiana.  

Charter Expectations:

- Highest Level of Safety

- Sight Cast Opportunities

- Full day (8 hours +)

- Epic/Challenging fishing

- New Experiences

- Relationships

Our day begins launching at first light running through the South Louisiana marsh to fish the interior and outer edges for sight cast opportunities on Redfish, Black Drum, Jack Crevalle and Sheepshead. Weather plays a significant part of this visual sport, but more importantly it drives safety decisions for the guide and clients ! 





8/9/10 Wt Rod/Reel. Client or Guide provided.


Guide provided. 


Client to have hat, (high quality) polarized sunglasses, and weather dependent clothing.



Ice & Water Guide provided. Client welcome to bring added food/drink. 

(No Banana's please)

Boat Descriptions and Insurance:

2019 East Cape Vantage VHP

Length - 19'2"

Width - 79"

Draft - Less than 11"

Casting Platform - 12"

Power - 115hp Mercury Pro XS

2017 East Cape Lostmen

Length - 18'1"

Width - 72"

Draft - Less than 5"

Casting Platform - 30"

Power - 50hp Tohatsu

Marine Charter Insurance:

Professional Fishing Guide Program

(Copy avail upon request)

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